Introduction to Adult Dating

Written by Eric Johnson
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What is Adult Dating? Do people actually do this?
Online Adult Dating is basically Online Dating for people interested in finding a partner (or partners) for sex. What does that mean? Well, instead of a member posting a picture of their smiling face (as you would at a regular Online Dating website) he or she might post a picture of their body - naked. And instead of telling other members about their favourite sport, members will describe their favourite sexual position.

Isn't that just Online Dating for horny guys? Well, yes and no. You will be lucky to find better than a 3:1 guy to girl ratio at some sites. That means for every 3 males there is about 1 (real) female. This is a sharp contrast from normal Online Dating websites which often will have more female members.

What does that mean? For the girls it's great. While you might not find your prince charming all of the time, you can easily shoot way 'out of your league' in terms of his physical appearance. As for the guys, well, we are talking about websites which can find you sex with no strings attached. Don't complain.

The best thing about Online Adult Dating is that it is free to sign up for the vast majority of these services. It is easy to remain anonymous, especially since you usually don't need to show your face in your profile.

So don't be scared. Check out Online Adult Dating and try your luck.

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